Artist's Statement 

Sacred and spiritual beliefs influenced early abstraction; I  have concerned myself with secular geometry - a set of views on what shapes the person and society. My work is influenced by theories from psychology and the social sciences, relating to systemics, relational transaction and emotional transformation. Shame, disconnection, loss and fear obstruct expression. They can be transformed by connection and the vulnerability of letting ourselves be known and accepted, and having our human needs met. However this generally occurs when we are supported by the systems that make it possible to meet these needs. We are often taught culturally that our individual wellbeing is a product of personal grit, and our distress a product of personal failure. However, our resilience is inextricably linked to whether or not our environment provides us what we need to be resilient. Picking through layers of darkness and levity, painted marks and geometric shapes in my work serve as relics and representations of these emotional and systemic processes.